This website has been created with the aim to promote the diffusion of knowledge about an alternative way of finance that it is not really known in Italy: the Islamic Finance.

The Islamic system of financial intermediation, born approximately thirty years ago, presents increases of 15-20% each year and its activity is inspired by moral and ethical principles of the Sharia with a real absence of interest rates and of uncertainty. 

The Muslim population in the world is around 1,6 bln of people while Muslim people in Italy has reached indicatively 1,2mln. 
The Islamic Finance works in 75 countries worldwide with a total activity of $1000bln, and it is characterized by ethical and moral value such as the prohibition of interests.  

Nowadays in Italy do not exist neither investment banks nor simple bank accounts according to the precepts of Islamic Finance, but Muslim population is increasing in number each year. 
A probable integration between the Italian and Islamic systems constitutes a great opportunity for the European economy and also for the Italian one. 

The use of Islamic Finance in Italy may lead to an higher liquidity in the economical and financial system with an internalization in Eastern countries. 

Our aim through this website is to create a sort of convergence for satisfying the desire of knowledge of all people who would like to know something more about Islamic Finance by giving information and further development of this topic. 

Responsible of European Research Centre for Islamic Finance Paolo Pietro Biancone.